Zookeepers Experience 《 野生動物體驗營 》

The Zookeeper’s Experience activity focused on introducing exciting, exotic animals to children; this included hands-on interactions with the animals and the zookeepers. All the boys and girls and mummies and daddies got a chance to hold or touch the animals – even though some animals were a little scary, everyone was brave and had a wonderful time. We also learned about all the different names each animal has, what they like to eat and where they come from. This allowed the children to overcome any fears and learn new vocabulary in a fun and interactive Zookeeping adventure.
野生動物體驗營讓孩子認識不同的野生動物,活動中在動物管理員協助下讓小朋友與野生動物來個親身接觸。所有參加者都有機會抱著或觸摸不同的野生動物即使有些動物看起來有點可怕,但每位參加者都很勇敢,並且與各種動物度過了美好的一天。孩子還學習到每種動物的名稱,知道牠們喜歡吃什麼以及來自哪裡。 活動讓小朋友能夠在有趣的野生動物互動體驗中克服恐懼並學習到新詞彙。