The Puppet Show – Picnic Time 布偶劇場 – 與Froggy和Bunny野餐

The Puppet Show – Picnic time is designed for the youngest World Family Club members. This musical show focuses on the songs, the toys and the movement featured in the Play Along package. The Bunny & Froggy picnic time themed puppet show is a fun show for the whole family. Children get hands on experience playing with different fruit and vegetable PA toys, packing a picnic basket and learning to share. Come along and join the fun!


寰宇家庭俱樂部經常會為年小的會員製作一些故事性的布偶劇場 – 與 Froggy 和 Bunny 野餐。為了讓整個布偶劇場變得更加精彩有趣,美語哥哥姐姐會播放Play Along! 內的歌曲配合主題,透過不同種類的道具水果及蔬菜玩具,希望藉此能夠讓小朋友更深入明白整個布偶劇場的故事內容。