The Puppet Show – Animal Fun 《 布偶劇場 – 動物樂園 》


The Puppet Show – Animal Fun is designed for the youngest World Family Club members. This musical show focuses on the songs, the toys and the movement featured in the Play Along package. The Bunny & Froggy picnic time themed puppet show is a fun show for the whole family. Children get hands on experience in animal time by learning about which farm animals make which sounds and how they move. They also practiced following directions by playing along with crew to find the duck hiding under the cup and of course singing and dancing with Froggy and Bunny. Come along and join the fun! 


今次的布偶劇場活動是以Bunny和Froggy的野餐為主題,說到野餐 – Picnic就不得不提及「迪士尼美語世界」的其中一個部份 Play Along!,系列中包含著大量野餐會遇到的食物,用具,情景及歌曲,是一個適合一家大小一同參與的題材。Bunny和Froggy更會扮動物,像蟲蟲一樣擺動、像牛牛的叫喊、模仿小鳥飛翔等,小朋友可與美語哥哥姐姐一起玩耍。