The Point & Play Adventure – Halloween Fun 《 互動點樂遊戲坊 – 萬聖節 》


The Point & Play Adventures provide an opportunity for all children to have a fun, interactive and immersive storytelling experience with plenty of chances to interact with props, the screens and our WFC crew. This Halloween themed Point & play story features a DWE songs and interactive games that provide plenty of opportunities for audience interaction and participation with props.

The Halloween show focuses on zippy and his friends getting ready for Halloween and practicing their magic tricks. Children sorted coloured candy, helped Mr. Spider escape from the maze, sang, danced and of course went trick or treating! All this is done using our point & play activity style allowing children to feel immersed in the story. Come join Point and Play activities and enjoy fun for the whole family!



《Point & Play Adventures – Halloween Fun》主要講述Zippy和朋友為萬聖節做準備並練習魔術。小朋友還把糖果以顏色分類,幫助蜘蛛先生從迷宮中逃脫,當然還少不了Trick-or-treating。 快來一起參加活動,感受學習英語的樂趣!