The Fun with Words show – The Colorful Kingdom 《詞彙繽紛樂 – 彩色王國》

The Fun with Words show – The Colorful Kingdom, is a musical show based on the Sing Along! product, songs and Talk Along! card vocabulary. The Colorful Kingdom theme focuses on learning about different colors and trying to decide which of Pom pom's friends favorite color is best! Also featured are Sing Along! related songs and Talk Along! cards featuring plenty of new vocabulary. Children watch and interact with the crew and Pom Pom as they sing and dance with delicious purple food, spicy red food and beautiful rainbow ribbons. Learn, play and have fun with Pom Pom and her Colorful Kingdom. Don't forget about Question & Answer time with the Mickey pen at the end of the show, is a great way to help in remembering and learning new vocabulary! 

詞彙繽紛樂是一個以歌唱教學系列和語言學習卡內容而設計的音樂節目。彩色王國的主題是認識不同的顏色和在Pom Pom的朋友們所喜愛的顏色當中揀選出最好的一種。活動會配合相關的歌唱教學系列歌曲和語言學習卡詞彙。小朋友可透過觀看節目和跟著美語哥哥、姐姐和Pom Pom一起唱歌和跳舞,認識不同顏色的食物包括美味的紫色食物、辛辣的紅色食物和繽紛的彩虹蝴蝶結。齊來跟Pom Pom 進入彩色王國吧! 節目後還會有以米奇互動學習筆問答的環節來幫助加強記憶和學習更多新詞彙。