The CAP event 《CAP活動 – 親子學習計劃》

The CAP event is a musical show based on CAP tasks, the show encourages children to see how easy and fun completing CAP tasks can be. Sing and practice with little Ammi as she completes CAP tasks using the Telephone English service, singing songs with her mummy and practicing vocabulary on the giant Playmate – Don't forget singing lots of songs, reading in our activity books and lots more. A great show for all ages!


為了讓家長及小朋友能夠輕鬆地了解及完成CAP-親子學習計劃,寰宇家庭俱樂部設立了 CAP活動,活動是經由一個音樂活動表演,Ammi姐姐會在此CAP活動表演中融入CAP的作業,現場與媽媽一起唱歌及透過巨型Playmate去練習詞彙 – 千萬不要忘了多唱歌,多閱讀!