The Baby/Toddler – The Circus comes to Town《 嬰/幼兒活動 – 馬戲團進城來 》

The Baby/Toddler – The Circus comes to Town activity focuses on combining the DWE product with interactive circus related topics, songs, exercises and vocabulary. Baby/Toddler activities help develop motor and social skills, self-confidence and independence by allowing children to complete themed tasks. This activity covered different various circus related DWE songs and exercises which taught children about different animals on the circus train, practiced balance with balance beams & trampolines as well as met clowns and a strong man. This allowed the children a fun, interactive and engaging activity. Baby/Toddler activities are a great way for little ones to kick start their learning, no matter how young! New vocabulary is also introduced with the use of talk along cards and DWE songs.  


今次《 嬰/幼兒活動 – 馬戲團進城來 》活動包含了「迪士尼美語世界」學習系統內與馬戲團有關的題材、歌曲、練習和詞彙。嬰/幼兒活動是透過完成小任務來幫助孩子發展活動能力、社交技巧、建立自信和訓練獨立性。