The Baby/Toddler – Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! 《職業特工Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – 嬰幼兒活動》

The Baby/Toddler – Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, is an activity that focuses on combining the DWE product with various topics, songs and vocabulary. Baby/Toddler activities help develop motor and social skills, self-confidence and independence by allowing children to complete themed tasks. New vocabulary is also introduced with the use of  talk along cards and DWE songs. Children role played in Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! allowing them to engage with the world safely whislt learning in a fun and interactive way. This activity covered jobs like doctors, firefighters, and policeman allowing for a fun and engaging activity. Baby/Toddler activities are a great way for little ones to kick start their learning, no matter how young! 


近來寰宇家庭俱樂部多舉辦了一些嬰幼兒活動,如《職業特工Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!》的嬰幼兒活動,活動結集了「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲以及不同的課程內容,透過不同的歌曲及詞彙,令小朋友加深對英語的運用。嬰幼兒活動能幫助小朋友建立自己的圈子及交際技巧,提升自信心及學習團結一致地完成各種任務。活動中所學習的新詞彙亦能在TalkAlong! Cards及DWE的歌曲中找到。


當小朋友參與《職業特工Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!》中的角色扮演如醫生、消防員和警察,孩子可認識到不同工作,所需的制服、職責和工作用具等。