Summer Camp – Kid's Explorer's camp 《夏令營活動 – 夏日歷奇探索營》

The 5 day Kid's Explorer's camp is an opportunity for children and parents to experience a full week of fun indoor and outdoor adventures around beautiful Hong Kong. This year's  5 day Kid's Explorer's camp had the children meet each other and they painted colorful summer hats and played lots of games. Then we visited 2 different farms during the week and learned about various organic fruits and vegetables and animals. We also made our own Pizzas from scratch at Pizza Express and had a colorful smoothie making day where we tasted lots of different fruits and tried yummy combinations. We ended our fantastic week with our graduation day on Saturday where all the boys and girls received certificates for all their hard work. It was a fantastic week for the whole family. We can't wait to see you all again!



美語哥哥姐姐亦帶大家到訪了兩個不同的農場,認識了各種有機水果、蔬菜和動物。小朋友還到訪了Pizza Express的店鋪,現場的工作人員帶領著他們親手製作一個10吋大的薄餅。當完成製作薄餅時,他們便回到寰宇家庭俱樂部去製作不同水果的奶昔組合。