Sing Along show – ZAP's time machine adventure 《美語唱遊樂 – ZAP 的時光機歷奇》

The brand new Sing along show is an interactive musical show experience for boys and girls to sing, dance and learn with our crew as they go on an adventure. In ZAP's time Machine adventure, ZAP and his friends must find a way to fix the time machine otherwise his friends will be stuck in time forever! Can you help ZAP figure out what's wrong with the time machine because the times are all mixed up! Get ready to use a hammer and a wrench because you never know what you will need when you're a mechanic. And don't forget about Question & Answer time with the Mickey pen at the end of the show, a great way to remember new vocabulary and learn!

全新美語唱遊樂是一個互動形式的音樂劇,鼓勵孩子學習唱歌、跳舞和跟著美語哥哥和姐姐一起去冒險。在ZAP的時光機歷奇中,ZAP和他的朋友們需要尋找維修時光機的方法,否則便會永遠滯留在混亂的時空中。請孩子們準備好鎚子和鉗,一起來尋找時光機時序故障的原因!在節目完結前, 會有一個問答環節, 讓孩子用米奇點讀筆在當中學習新詞彙。