Reason why I like Disney’s World of English!

One thing I like about Disney’s World of English is that its materials come in a variety of formats. Although the series forms one consistent, integrated course, children with different preference for learning formats can absorb the course materials in their own preferred means, such as CD, language cards, books, electronic books, and DVDs. Every child explores the external world with their senses, but they might have different habitual ways of doing so that are most efficient to them. For instance, my eldest son Henry loves to read, and so he typically reads the books in the set first, often getting in-depth with what he could learn from the books, and then he will switch to CD or DVD to enrich his learning experience through songs or interactive animation. On the other hand, Henry’s little brother Julius prefers to listen to CDs first, and only after that, watch DVD to learn more about the songs and stories he hears from the CDs.

Disney's World of English 迪士尼美語世界

迪士尼美語世界~寰宇家庭~World family 迪士尼美語世界

迪士尼美語世界 World Family