Point and Play – Skip through the Garden with Bunny & Froggy 《與Bunny和Froggy的花園遊玩》

?This Easter themed Point and Play activity is specially designed for children of all ages to enjoy. Children have the opportunity to experience a brand new story with interactive screens as they join Bunny and Froggy on their colorful adventure in the garden. Combining the Point and Play style of storytelling with active-learning based games and DWE songs is key to engaging children and providing them with a fun educational experience. Join Bunny & Froggy as they plant pretty flowers, go on an Easter egg hunt, collect wood for a fire and lots more. Join us for another fantastic Point & Play adventure with Bunny and Froggy!


復活節的《與Bunny和Froggy的花園遊玩》是特別設計給予任何年齡的小朋友參與的活動。小朋友可以與Bunny和Froggy在一個充滿色彩繽紛的花園聽故事及玩遊戲,透過「迪士尼美語世界」的歌曲誘發他們的自主學習態度及以「Point & Play」的方式去體驗Storytelling,讓小朋友獲得一個愉快的學習經歷。

除此之外,更可與Froggy & Bunny一起種植花朵,進行尋找復活蛋遊戲及取木生火等。你也快來一起參加《與Bunny和Froggy的花園遊玩》的活動啦!