Play Along Show – My Little Car 《美語玩樂坊 – My Little Car》

What an exciting and fun-filled show we had at the Play Along – My Little Car show. This show focused on the crew getting ready for to go for a drive into town in the little car. We also got to help scrub the little car so it as all clean for the trip! Boys and girls had the opportunity to sing plenty of DWE songs and visit a toy shop, a pet shop and a fruit shop! It was such a fantastic show for the whole family, we’re so happy to all those who joined us and we hope you enjoyed the show, see you next time!

《Play Along Show – My Little Car》是一項活動適合年幼的小朋友參加並提供一個有趣互動的音樂劇體驗。內容是講述美語哥哥姐姐準備駕駛著小車與小朋友一起暢遊城市,小朋友在出發前還幫忙擦洗小車。在旅程當中大家還一起唱了多首「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲,並沿途參觀了玩具店、寵物店和水果店!看到各位家長和小朋友都非常投入於表演之中,我們感到非常高興!期待在下次活動中再與大家見面!