Overnight Camp – Riding down a Country road 《寫意郊遊兩日一夜營》

The annual WFC overnight camp is a chance for children and parents to experience a fun outdoors adventure in Hong Kong's lush countryside. This years one day camp allowed children the chance to pitch their own tents and camp in the great outdoors! –  The air was so fresh and we had great time playing team building games, making candles during arts & crafts time, we had a barbecue for dinner, played sports like baseball and tennis, had activity book work time and of course Telephone English sing along time before bed! But that's not all, the days featured plenty of singing and active learning opportunities during breakfast, lunch & dinner time! It was a fantastic 2 days for the whole family. We can't wait to see you all again next year!


在空氣清新的環境下,大家一起玩著團隊遊戲,在美術時段一起制作蠟燭,在晚上我們吃燒烤做晚餐,又一起玩各式各樣的球類活動,當然還有不可畫缺的電話美語Sing Along Songs時段,在睡覺前與小朋友一起唱著笑著,過著開心的一天。活動內容當然止於此,於整個兩日一夜營中,不但早餐、午餐和晚餐均會有唱歌的時段,讓DWE 融入小朋友的生活中。