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Hi boys and girls! My name is Nick and I'm new to the World Family. Perhaps you saw me as Dusty the Dog in this year's English Carnival – The Farmer and the Giant Carrot. It was so much fun to perform for all of you and I really hope you enjoyed it.

I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand, but I have also lived in Sydney, Tokyo, and now Hong Kong. I have two adorable dogs, a Pug and a French bulldog, which take up a lot of my time, but they helped me prepare my character for the English Carnival!

I love music! I have played piano for 17 years and take any chance I can to sit down for hours in front of the piano and play all kinds of music. My best friend is a jazz musician, so we spend a lot of time exchanging music.

I'm a HUGE movie buff. I go to the cinema at least once a week. The last movie I saw was the new Marvel Movie, Captain America – Civil war. Dream big!!

The world is an amazing place and full of so many different things to try.

您好,各位小朋友!我叫Nick,是寰宇家庭的新成員,不過您可能在今年美語嘉年華的「The Farmer and the Giant Carrot」裡面看過我扮演狗仔Dusty這個角色。我非常高興能夠為大家表演,真的希望您們喜歡我的演出吧!





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