My Kitchen 《我的小小廚房》


The Baby/Toddler – My Kitchen activity focuses on combining the DWE product with various food related topics, songs about the kitchen and vocabulary. Baby/Toddler activities help develop motor and social skills, self-confidence and independence by allowing children to complete themed tasks. This activity covered different food items from the Play Along set which taught children food item names, cutting the fruit and sharing with others. Plenty of songs also covered what to do after using the kitchen like cleaning up and sorting dishes. This allowed the children a fun, interactive and engaging activity. Baby/Toddler activities are a great way for little ones to kick start their learning, no matter how young! New vocabulary is also introduced with the use of talk along cards and DWE songs. 

『我的小小廚房』活動是以「迪士尼美語世界」學習系統中的各種食物作為主題及廚房用具作為詞彙,透過歌曲和完成小任務去建立孩子的自信、社交技巧和訓練獨立性。這個活動會配合「跟著玩」系列來教育孩子各種食物的名稱,包括如何切生果和學習與其他人分享的觀念等。還有大量歌曲,以輕鬆的互動遊戲方式去鼓勵孩子學習如何清潔廚房和食物分?。 這個活動還會配合學習卡和「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲去介紹一些新詞彙。