Mini MasterChef – Snack 趣味活動 – 小小廚神《大飽口「腹」》活動

The MiniMasterchef – Snacks activity focuses on combining the DWE products songs and vocabulary with the joys of cooking and baking. Along with helping to develop motor and social skills, self-confidence, vocabulary and independence. This activity will teach children to how to make 3 different snack foods over 3 days. One day focused on baking delicious savoury muffins, one day we made tasty pizza wheels and on the last day we made a delicious chocolate cake! All the boys and girls took their time with each step to make all their yummy food. We also learned about all the different ingredients and healthy eating in our activity books. This allowed the children a fun, interactive and delicious activity. New vocabulary is also introduced with the use of talk along cards and DWE songs.