Make Learning time a fun time for the baby and yourself!

It has been a very long journey.  I've never imagined being pregnant would be like this.  I can't say it's easy or difficult.  It just makes me realize how giving and unconditional mothers can be.  I can already feel it when my baby is still in the womb. One more month to go and I will officially be a mother. Very excited, yet scared.  That's why I'm already doing lots of preparation.  

I've got many comments from other parents as to what kind of birth I should go for.  It's really hard to decide.  Sometimes I want natural birth and sometimes I want C-section.  There're too many pro's and con's for both.  I guess it's really up to my doctor.  I've prepared my bag.  Asking all my mommy friends what's I've been missing, and they've been a great help.  

I've read many books, and non-stop getting info from website.  I find' that there's always new things to learn.  My recent interest is how to bath a baby, and how to teach them.  As reading the reference I've been going through, they will start learning once they are born.  That's why preparing for learning equipment can't be missed.  Colorful toys, Dvd's of music and word pronunciation is very useful for newborn babies.  Music is always the best way to calm them down, so that can't be missed.  

Great advice for all mothers, Make Learning time a fun time for the baby and yourself. Start the habit when young. As to me, I'm starting when Tj is born.  Making it a happy and fun routine for myself.  This will be a huge turning point of my life and I want to make it the best.  Ask around for other people's advice so you don't have to go through the same mistakes other people did.  Be a smart mom for your future smart baby!!!

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