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Hi boys and girls! My name is Joms. It’s very nice to meet you all. I joined World Family Club a year ago, in the last year’s English Carnival, “The Princess and the King” where I played the king! Since then, I’ve been in a lot of shows for World Family Club and I love it. You might have seen me as Rocky the Rooster in the last English Carnival, “The Farmer and the Giant Carrot”.

I’m originally from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila! I moved to Hong Kong to be a singer and show performer at Hong Kong Disneyland; I have loved Hong Kong ever since. In fact, I’ve lived in Hong Kong almost 6 years now! When I’m not performing in English Carnival or events and activities, I’m a playgroup teacher, teaching children from 1 to 3 years old. I sometimes join big musical shows where I sing and dance a lot.

I love performing on stage and making people laugh – seeing people happy is the best thing about performing. I also like singing a lot… I sometimes burst out singing and dancing in the streets when I’m happy!

I like watching funny movies and TV shows in my free time. I also cook a lot so you’ll usually find me in the kitchen making or eating food! I also like exercising, so I go to the gym regularly to keep fit!

To the boys and girls of World Family Club, I’d like to say be yourself! Do what you love, dance a lot, and sing your hearts out. Tell your mommies and daddies what you love doing so they can help you get better at it! And always think happy thoughts, even on rainy days. Always have a great day!

各位小朋友,您好!我叫Joms。很高興能夠與大家見面。我在一年前加入寰宇家庭俱樂部。我在去年的美語嘉年華 “The Princess and the King” 中扮演國王!自此之後,我就參加了很多寰宇家庭俱樂部的表演,我非常喜歡這些表演活動。在今年美語嘉年華的 “The Farmer and the Giant Carrot”中,您可能已經看到我扮演公雞Rocky。






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