Jess – World Family Crew

Hey there! I’m Jess, and at World Family so far I’ve had the chance to go for a picnic with Froggy and soon I can have fun playing games at Zippy’s Sports Day! I love to be at World Family because I can see all my friends and have fun singing and dancing too! I grew up in Ireland with my two big sisters and my parents; in Ireland, we call them “mammy” and “daddy” instead of “mom” and “dad”. When I was a child, I lived in a chip shop. A chip shop is what we call a place to buy hamburgers and fries. People always ask me if I ate a lot of hamburgers, but I didn’t! Every day, my mom made us a healthy dinner and we were not allowed to eat too many burgers, of course! In our garden at home we have three dogs, about ten chickens, three ducks and a goose. My parents grow all their own vegetables in the garden and we don’t need to buy eggs!

When I’m not having fun at World Family, I’m an English and drama teacher at a primary school. I play games with my students and we even perform in some shows. The boys and girls are very talented and work very hard. We especially love to read books together and then act out the stories; it’s so much fun!

My favorite thing to do is to sing! Singing always makes me happy when I need to do some chores, like cleaning at home or making my bed. I pretend I’m in a musical and I can have so much fun!

I have a REALLY fluffy cat called Popeye, and every day he needs to be brushed for half an hour! So I love to sit on my sofa cuddling with my cat and brushing him! And I also love shopping and playing dress up!

I’ve had so much fun meeting all the boys and girls in World Family! We’ve had a great time so far and I can’t wait to see you all at Zippy’s Sports Day!







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