I love Disney characters and Disneyland because of World Family

?World Family activities have been around in our home for eight years. Everyone loves them, because they give us fun, knowledge, happiness, and a lot of great learning experience. Sometimes I would joke with Henry that we have too little space and how about donating our World Family set to someone else. Henry would always say: "No!" "Please don't!" or "I must keep all of these on my bookshelf". Mickey and Pluto and other friends are all my friends since I was a baby. I love Disney characters and Disneyland because of World Family."World Family has given him and us so many nice ideas. For example, Henry now likes chocolate and cakes for his birthday party, hot dogs and chickens for picnics, candies and balloons for circus visits … etc., all inspired by the World Family books!?

My sons and I are really thankful to World Family English is a second language to us and we have benefitted a great deal from the great diversity of accessories and learning channels provided by World Family. The sales support has been great too and we would like to thank the staff who have helped us all these years! 

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