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Hello everyone, my name is Kate! I am a cartwheeling, adventure seeking, all round goofy gal who has been lucky enough to have grown up in the beautifully exciting city of Hong Kong. I studied acting in the UK for 3 years, setting off on a solo exploration around the world as often as possible, before returning to my home city at the end of 2015. At World Family Club I will be sharing my passion for performance and helping to bring smiles and education to all you youngsters. I’m thoroughly looking forward to hopping on board and joining the crew!


I was born in London, but was quickly whisked away to my Asian paradise at the tender age of two. When I’m not throwing myself into the fun at World Family Club, I’m searching for the best foodie hotspots. As an avid food lover and a keen writer, I spend my time writing about all the best foods and eating experiences.

I love meeting new people and making new friends. We are lucky to be living in a place with such a diverse culture that is full of unique and interesting stories. My aim is to learn them all.

I love being outdoors, going hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, and doing all sorts of thrill – seeking activities that I am sure my parents would prefer me not to do! On quieter days, I like to sit on my rooftop in the city and share a cuddle or two (or a hundred…) with my 21 year old cat, Max.

Thank you for welcoming me so kindly into the WFC family, I can’t wait to meet you all and to start on our journey of fun, laughter and lots of singing!








我喜歡戶外活動,例如行山、遊繩下降、攀石,和做所有我肯定我父母不想我做的刺激活動!在寧靜的日子裡,我喜歡坐在大廈天台上,擁抱我那隻21歲的老貓Max幾次(或一百次…)。 多謝大家歡迎我來寰宇家庭俱樂部,我已急不及待與大家見面,開始我們滿載趣味、歡笑及歌聲的旅程!

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