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Hi, my name is Vallerie. I’m a part of the Telephone English team; I sing and speak with the children. The children I talk to vary in ages from babies to early teens. I like to have them talk about their lives and personal interests, so they don’t see English as a scary subject, but rather a tool to express themselves. Generally, the children have so much to talk about and it’s exciting to see their development. I hope to get involved in more projects as working with kids is such a wonderful experience.

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK. With that context in mind, I grew up in a culturally eclectic home; ethnically Filipino, Japanese and Spanish-home life was never boring! I work as a freelance PR consultant, which takes me everywhere in Hong Kong!

If time and money permit, I like to travel. I’m a big heritage fan. I like to do a lot of research before traveling so that I can appreciate my experience more. It’s amazing seeing how cultures from different countries or continents relate or have the same perspective despite being geographically unrelated.During my downtime, I like to watch TV series, hang out with my cats and best friend and exercise! I also enjoy reading and painting.

Don’t be afraid to try new activities, you can learn how to express yourself and more things!


我在香港出生但在英國長大。我在一個多元文化的環境下長大 – 一個結合了菲律賓、日本和西班牙文化的家庭生活是很精彩有趣的。我是自由身的公關顧問,這類型的工作性質能讓我遊歷香港不同的地方。



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