Hello from Tiffany | World Family Crew

Hi my name is Tiffany and I am one of the Telephone English crew members. I love to sing songs and have conversations with all the boys and girls over the phone. I love it because the songs are so fun to sing and it is nice to speak with the kids and just hear about their day or what their hobbies and dreams are, it is such a rewarding experience.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I miss Vancouver very much when Hong Kong gets too hot to handle. When I’m not at telephone English, I work as a makeup artist and also as an editor for an online beauty magazine.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is eat chocolate while sipping tea. Seriously, I would eat chocolate all day if only it were not so unhealthy and full of sugar. At least I can drink tea every day! I also like to invite my friends over to my home. One of my best friends has a super adorable baby and I like to invite them over so I can play with her baby.

Learning a language is not easy at first, but it can also be fun! Keep practicing and using English in your everyday life, then you will improve without even realizing it. Of course, singing and talking with your Telephone English aunties and uncles are part of that process, so I hope you are looking forward to your next call.






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