Hello from Sophia | World Family Crew

Hi Everyone! My name is Sophia! It’s nice to meet you all! A friend of mine who is also an Auntie at Telephone English recommended that I apply to World Family Club (WFC) as she knows I enjoy working with and talking to children of all ages!

I also study psychology and am aware of how an interactive and fun way of teaching can be extremely beneficial to English learning development, so I was very excited to play a part in giving children a fun learning experience.

One of my memorable experiences during Telephone English (TE) was when there was a call with two children. They both wanted to start first because they were so excited to talk to me! Even though we decided to have one child start first, the other kept saying, “me first, me first”. It was a very funny moment for me and warmed my heart to know that the children really do look forward to our calls during TE.

The most enjoyable part of doing TE is feeling how happy the children are when they are singing or talking to me. Sometimes even before I say anything on the phone, the child screams with excitement, eager to speak to us! Seeing how much the children enjoy TE puts a smile on my face too.

Given the high-stress levels Hong Kong students receive from strenuous learning environments, I am thankful for World Family Club’s ability to provide a fun and relaxing learning environment to alleviate the stress from the high-pressure education systems. WFC ensures students not only learn through fun but also cultivate joy in learning. Finally, I hope all of you will continue to enjoy TE and WFC!






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