Hello from Renae | World Family Crew

Hello everyone! My name is Renae and I have lived in Hong Kong for the past fourteen years. I have to say, Hong Kong is my favorite city in the whole world!I’m very excited to be joining World Family Club and I look forward to reading to all the boys and girls in Storytelling and performing in the fun Dance Along Shows!

My family and I moved here from Australia when I was 6 years old and I’ve loved it ever since. When I’m not doing Storytelling or performing in World Family shows, I am usually at a dance class or rehearsing for a ballet performance. Dancing is my favorite thing to do and I am most passionate about ballet as you can see from my photos.In my free time I like to call my family on the phone (they live in Australia at the moment) just to see how they’re all doing. We can talk for hours and hours about everything! I love and miss them very much.

To all the boys and girls reading this, I want you to remember to not be too shy. Always do your best to be brave and confident every time you try something new. See you soon!

大家好!我是美語姐姐Renae,我在香港已居住了14年而我最喜愛的城市就是香港!我很高興可以加入寰宇家庭俱樂部,十分期待在Storytelling與小朋友一起閱讀和在Dance Along Show表演!



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