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Hello friends! My name is Nisa and I am from New Zealand, born and raised! However, my mother is from the Cook Islands and my father is from Tonga which are both countries in the Pacific.I decided to further my curiosity of exploring and Hong Kong was one of the places I wanted to see! Hong Kong reminds me so much of my home, there is a great balance of the city rushes and calm beautiful countryside. World Family was introduced to me by a friend and from then on I’ve become part of an amazing crew!

I really enjoy being here at World Family and have encountered sweet moments with members but what’s most meaningful is seeing everyone working together in the activities and singing with each other.Interacting with both children and parents during sessions is so much fun, I get to witness great relationships between the two and it’s very rewarding! Thank you to the members and colleagues for being so welcoming, I hope we all have a great year together!

大家好! 我的名字是Nisa,在新西蘭出生及成長!不過我的母親是來自庫克群島,而父親是來自湯加,兩個都是位於太平洋的國家。我對探索世界充滿好奇心和熱情,而香港就是其中一個令我感興趣的地方!香港讓我想起了我的家鄉,在擁有喧囂城市的同時,亦保留著美麗寧靜的郊野。寰宇家庭是由一位朋友介紹給我認識的,從那時起,我成為了這個很棒的團隊的一部分!


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