Hello from Natasha | World Family Crew

Hi Everyone! My name is Natasha and I was born and brought up in London, UK, before moving to this vibrant city! Hong Kong! I wanted to travel the world, and Hong Kong is a great base to do that. I joined World Family because I’m passionate about storytelling, enjoy working with young people and love being part of the family-oriented community it provides!

I love that each session or activity that I do is different in its own way, and that the children never fail to make me laugh. My favorite moment recently was when I was trying to imitate the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast), in a fierce manner, and one of the kids came up to me and stroked my cheek and smiled; it’s good to know I’m not too scary!

I think World Family is a great company that provides wonderful resources and opportunities for children to develop their English in a fun, unique and interactive way. I really enjoy working there, and hope to see many more of you soon!

大家好! 我叫Natasha,在英國倫敦出生和長大,然後搬到這個充滿活力的城市—香港!我想環遊世界,而香港是一個很好的出發基地。我加入了寰宇家庭,因為我對講故事充滿熱情,喜歡與年輕人一起工作,並喜歡成為這個以家庭為導向社區中的一員!


我認為寰宇家庭是一間非常好的公司,提供寶貴資源和機會讓孩子們以有趣、獨特和互動的方式來學習英語。 我真的很喜歡在這裡工作,並希望很快能見到你們!

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