Hello from May | World Family Crew

Hi everyone! My name is May and I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia.After working and travelling in Europe for a year, I decided to move back to Hong Kong. I used to help out at my local church’s Sunday School in Australia and enjoyed teaching and singing with children, so when a close friend who used to work at World Family shared her fond memories of being in TE, I decided to apply and continue my passion of growing with children through music.

During my first TE call I had stage fright and even though my voice was confident my hands were nervously shaking, when I had to use the computer mouse it took me a few seconds to hold on as I couldn’t grip with my shaking hands. After my first call I was finally able to relax and calm myself as I laughed at how nervous I was, now I enjoy every phone call knowing how friendly our members are and that I have managed to get rid of my nerves and “shake it off”.

It always brings a smile to my face hearing children sing along and parents participating during TE, being able to share the moment together is what I find enjoyable and rewarding.

As a saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, I think WFC is great in that it not only promotes individual learning of a child but also encourages participation of family members and the community, creating a safe and healthy environment for our next generation.




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