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Hello everyone! My name is Lyric, and I am originally from England. I have been living in Hong Kong for many years. I am happy to say, Hong Kong is also my home!I first started at World Family when a friend recommended that I work here almost 9 years ago. I was so happy to be a part of English Carnival in the Four Little Wheels show! I was Lyric VaVa Voom! It was great and in the show I got to ride a bike on the stage!

There are so many meaningful moments I have when I am in activities with all the boys and girls. For example, when I am doing shows or in activities, I love to see all the smiles on children’s faces as they sing, clap and dance along with us.
I especially love seeing children learn, develop, grow and enjoy themselves. It’s great to see so many wonderful and happy faces during the activities and shows and the smiling parents with their children.

Always do your best to be courageous and confident every time you try something new. See you soon!

大家好!我的名字是Lyric,來自英國。我在香港生活了很多年。我很高興地說,香港也是我的家!由朋友提議我在寰宇家庭工作開始,直到現在已差不多9年了。 我很高興能參加2011年的美語嘉年華「Four Little Wheels」!我飾演的角色是Lyric VaVa Voom! 表演真的很精彩,我甚至要在舞台上踏單車!我和小朋友在活動中相處的時間裡有很多難忘的時刻。例如,當我在表演或進行活動時,我喜歡看到小朋友與我們一起唱歌、拍手和跳舞時臉上的笑容。

我特別喜歡看到小朋友自我學習、發展、成長和享受。 我很高興在活動和表演中看到這麼多愉快和開心的面孔,包括父母也樂中其中。每次嘗試新事物時,請盡最大努力表現勇敢和自信, 下次見!

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