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Hi, my name is Lara. I am part of the Telephone English team! I love singing songs and doing lessons with all the boys and girls each week. I especially enjoy hearing all your stories, how your week was at school or about the different fun activities you do during the weekend! I love to travel, so I like to hear about all your travels or the different places you want to visit one day.

I am from the beautiful country of beaches and white sand – the Philippines! But I have lived in many countries like Australia, the Netherlands, Thailand, and now, Hong Kong! When I am not working or at Telephone English, I’m also a yoga teacher, and a dance teacher for children! I also like to do a lot of volunteer work in teaching and helping disadvantaged kids in poor communities. My favorite thing to do is to be outdoors, doing active sports. I love to go camping, biking, team sports, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, or even yoga by the beach. I love sports, and I absolutely love to be outdoors! During my free time, I like to sit down in a place I’ve never been to before and read a good book.

Boys and girls, keep speaking in English, every chance you get. A language is learned through constant practice, and you know that you are getting better when you sleep at night, and your dreams are in English! I always enjoy hearing you express yourselves through our weekly chats and giggles! I’m excited to sing and talk to you all again soon!


我來自一個充滿海灘和白沙的美麗國家 – 菲律賓!但我曾經在很多不同國家生活過,如澳洲、荷蘭、泰國,而現在就是香港!我除了是電話美語姐姐外,還是瑜珈導師和兒童舞蹈老師。我也喜歡參與很多義務工作,幫助和教導貧窮社區的弱勢兒童。我最喜歡在戶外參與動態運動。我喜歡露營、踏單車、團體運動、滑水、槳板運動、或在海灘旁做瑜珈。我十分喜歡做運動,也十分喜歡到戶外走動!在空餘時間,我喜歡去一些從未到過的地方,靜靜坐著,享受閱讀一本好書的時光。


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