Hello from Kevin | World Family Crew

My name is Kevin and I was born in Franklin, Kentucky USA!I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 to perform at Hong Kong Disneyland. Afterwards, I liked Hong Kong so much, I decided to stay.

One of my favorite memories working at World Family Club was going on a few strawberry picking trips – I really enjoy seeing the kids’ faces when they found a huge strawberry. Yum!
When I’m singing with the boys and girls at Telephone English, I very much enjoy hearing the progress the children make after their songs and book lessons and when we start doing Free Talk. We have a topic to talk about and the children can elaborate as much as they want. It’s so much fun to hear the children talk about their favorite superheroes, places to visit, who they would spend the day with, what they did in school, and what they would buy at the circus.

I’d like to thank the boys and girls for singing, talking and telling me your stories during our Telephone English conversations. Remember to always have fun while practicing and learning your English. I hope to see you and talk with you again soon!

我的名字是Kevin,我在美國肯塔基州的富蘭克林出生! 我於2007年移居香港並曾於香港迪士尼樂園演出。因為我非常喜歡香港,所以決定留下來了。




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