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Hi everyone! My name is Kardia and I was born in Indonesia. My Family is Indonesian Chinese and we moved to Hong Kong in 2009. I am now studying Education in University; I have always had a passion for teaching children and am very happy and excited to be studying my chosen degree.

Coincidentally, a few of my friends told me about an exciting opportunity at World Family involving singing and learning! I thought it was a great opportunity to explore a way to nurture children of different ages with new and exciting modes of teaching.

As a Telephone English (TE) Crew, it is always fun interacting with boys and girls over the telephone. During one book lesson phone call, a little girl asked her mom, “how come I’m the only one answering questions? Why aren’t you?” I’m often humoured by their bright and bold little personalities.Another adorable instance was when I had to say goodbye to one little girl on the telephone and her immediate reply was, “Goodbye! See you tomorrow!” It melted my heart since this is an automatic response this little girl had learnt that she probably says to everyone without thinking.

All the Aunties and Uncles at TE are always so friendly, it’s the best part about going to work! Sometimes we have to sing the same songs over the telephone to different members at the same time. It’s so fun when people unintentionally have duets and the whole room can join in singing together.World Family puts great value in using English as a communicative tool through singing and storytelling as well as making learning fun! I love how they are making it an integral part of every child’s life. English is no longer just a subject in school for them to get an A in — it is a language they can use to express themselves. I am so glad to be a part of the World Family team!



在電話美語中與小朋友的互動總是十分有趣。記得有一次課文練習,小女孩問媽媽:「How come I’m the only one answering questions? Why aren’t you?」他們聰明無畏的小個性常常使我會心微笑。還有另一個很可愛的小女孩,我跟她在電話上說再見時,她立即回答說:「Goodbye! See you tomorrow!」當下我的心已經融化了,因為這是女孩學會最自然的反應,相信她也會對別人說出這樣自然的對話。

電話美語的所有美語哥哥姐姐都是非常友善,令我更喜愛這份工作!有時我們會透過電話和不同的小朋友同時演唱相同的歌曲,在辦公室中出現這個湊巧形成的二重奏真的十分有趣。 寰宇家庭非常重視透過唱歌、講故事以及趣味學習來應用英語作為溝通方式!讓英語成為小朋友生活中不可或缺的一部分。英語不再只是他們在學校獲得好成績的課程,而是一種他們可以用來表達自己的語言。我十分榮幸能夠加入寰宇家庭的團隊

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