Hello from Jonathan | World Family Crew

Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan, it’s nice to meet you all!

I first heard about World Family Club through my good friend Uncle AJ, I’m sure some of you know him or have spoken to him in Telephone English (TE) too! I am usually wide-awake-at-night person and I wanted to find work that I felt was meaningful, fun and interesting. World Family Club, Telephone English turned out to be a perfect match!

Telephone English is so enjoyable for both the TE crew and the children we speak to. One memorable conversation I’ve had was when I was talking to a lovely little girl about how her day went, and who her friends were at school. She was so happy that someone listened to her, and she thanked me with her own rendition of the “Thank You song” in the end. That’s something you wouldn’t usually get listening to grow-ups!

I also love to sing! One of my favorite Disney World of English (DWE) songs to sing is “Eyes and Ears”. I really enjoy the jazz style of the song. Some of my other favorite songs to sing with families are “How Deep is the Water” and “the Hippopotamus” song, it is so much fun!

The Telephone English family has really exceeded my expectations with how genuinely warm and welcoming everyone is to those who join. I first applied because I knew one fellow TE Crew and friend, and now after joining, I have gained handful of new friends 🙂

I look forward to meeting more delightful boys and girls in Telephone English soon! And remember, never give up on your dreams!



電話美語對於美語哥哥姐姐和小朋友都是非常有趣。我遇到一個難忘的對話是有一個可愛的小女孩告訴我她的一天是怎樣過,還有她在學校有哪些朋友。她很高興有人這樣聆聽著她,最後她還唱出自己改編的《Thank you song》對我表示感謝。我們一般不會從大人的口中聽到這種感謝的表達了!

我也很喜歡唱歌!其中一首我最喜愛的「迪士尼美語世界」DWE歌曲是《Eyes and Ears》。我十分喜歡這首歌的爵士風格。還有其他我最喜歡與小朋友和家人一起唱的歌曲,例如《How Deep is the Water》和《Hippopotamus》,真的非常有趣!電話美語團隊對於歡迎每位新加入的美語哥哥姐姐都是超出我預期般的熱情。我之所以加入是因為我認識一位電話美語的美語哥哥,現在我已經在團隊中認識了好幾位新朋友了!


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