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Hi boys and girls! My name is Jenny! I joined World Family Club about a year ago. You may have spoken to me during Telephone English, or in recent months, or maybe you’ve seen me at Baby Toddler activities, The Christmas Party or the Strawberry Picking Winter Camp! I am originally from Toronto, Canada and my family and I moved to Hong Kong 18 years ago. When I’m not at telephone English or World Family activities, I am a Primary School teacher, teaching children with special needs.

My favorite thing to do is to go travelling. There are many beautiful places around the world and it is wonderful to experience different cultures- meet new people and try lots of new yummy food. You can learn many things when you travel. In fact, I speak 5 languages thanks to travelling!

I love to be outdoors so I enjoy going hiking, going to the beach or riding my bike. I like to draw and take photographs too. I also like to spend time with my friends and family. All the boys and girls I’ve met so far have been so friendly, clever and are great singers! I am very excited to meet more of you very soon!

小朋友,您好!我是Jenny!我在大約一年前加入了寰宇家庭俱樂部。在這幾個月,您或許已和我在電話美語裡聊過天,又或許在活動中見過我,如嬰/幼兒活動、聖誕歡樂派對或冬日營 - 冬日農莊草苺樂。


我來自加拿大多倫多,18年前,和家人舉家搬到來香港。我除了是電話美語和寰宇家庭活動的美語姐姐外,還是一間特殊小學的教師。我最喜歡周遊列國,既可遊歷無數美麗的地方,又可體驗不同地方的文化,如認識新朋友和品嚐地道美食。旅遊能讓您學習不同事物,因為旅遊的緣故,我還學懂了5 種語言呢!


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