Hello from Jennifer | World Family Crew

Hello Everyone! My name is Jennifer and I was born in Canada, but I was lucky enough to move to Hong Kong when I was a young child. I grew up between Vancouver and Hong Kong, and had a wonderful time studying and working in England!

I believe learning a language is a life-long goal and I am so happy World Family Club (WFC) shares this belief and strives to create a truly immersive learning experience with music and most all, fun! I really enjoyed the first time being in a rehearsal room with other WFC crew sharing our passion for WFC events. I am really looking forward to meeting more boys and girls in shows!

There is nothing greater than seeing someone come out of their shell. It is completely normal to feel shy or unsure at first but empowering a young person to trust their own ability is a truly wonderful thing to watch. I am always so happy when I see boys and girls in WFC shows become more and more confident.

I look forward to welcoming everyone into WFC, just as I have been so warmly welcomed. I cannot wait to meet and share more exciting adventures and stories with you all!




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