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Hi Everyone! My name is Jack and I am from Hong Kong, born and raised. My mother is Australian and my father is Chinese. I started working for World Family Club as I had been interested in theatre and had been teaching English at the time. I felt World Family was a great opportunity to engage with kids in a more interactive and fun way.
One of my favorite memories with WFC was on one of the World Family camps, we left the city to explore a farm in the New Territories. When it came to feeding the horses, one young member was terrified that the horse would bite his hand if he offered him a carrot to eat. After a while (and after trying my best to convince him to try), the boy gave the horse a carrot and in that very instance, learned there was nothing to be afraid of. By the end of our session, he couldn’t get enough of feeding the horses and even asked for extra carrot sticks! This really reminded me that learning can’t be isolated in a classroom or within the confines of a prescribed subject. It reminded me that powerful lessons must be derived from the outside world because you never know when you’re going to learn something new.

When I’m performing, I enjoy seeing all the smiles on the members’ faces. I feel a real sense of gratitude when I see that the children want to be there and respond so well to the songs and dances. Performing can be quite tiring, but it is always worth it.I am glad that an organization such as World Family exists. All of us here really care about making sure that members not only learn but enjoy learning as well. Many studies have indicated that psychological well-being is the greatest predictor of academic success and yet, so many learning styles endorsed in Hong Kong demand results without regard to the detrimental effect on a child’s mental health. World Family works hard to ensure that members who step through our door enter a learning environment in which they want to be in and thrive as a result.

大家好! 我的名字是Jack,在香港出生和成長。我的母親是澳洲人,父親是中國人。作為一位英語導師,加上對戲劇感到興趣,促使我加入寰宇家庭工作。寰宇家庭俱樂部的活動充滿互動性和趣味性,締造很多機會與孩子們交流。我在寰宇家庭其中一個最深刻的回憶是,在某次的一日營活動中,我們遠離市區去探索一個新界農場,在餵飼馬匹活動時,一個小會員害怕會被馬匹咬到他的手,當時我盡力說服他慢慢嘗試,終於他鼓起了勇氣並成功餵了紅蘿蔔條給一頭大黑馬。經過此事,小會員明白其實沒有甚麼需要懼怕的,活動將近完結時,他還要求拿額外的紅蘿蔔繼續餵飼馬匹呢!這個經歷提醒我,學習不應規範在課室內或限制於指定課題上;我們必須多往外走走,吸取更重要的生活知識,因為你永遠不知道甚麼時候會學到新的事物。表演時我最喜歡看到孩子臉上的笑容。我很欣慰孩子們都表現積極參與活動並對歌曲和舞蹈作出良好的反應。雖然表演是很累,不過還是非常值得的。


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