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Hi everyone! My name is Ida and I recently graduated from Queen's University in Canada. Although I studied health sciences, I love kids and I love teaching. I am excited to complete a Canadian diploma program so I can be a certified kindergarten teacher!


I am part of the Telephone English staff here at World Family and I am loving it! Teaching English on the phone was something I've never thought of doing but it's a very interesting and challenging job. One of the best things about working in TE is definitely the work environment and colleagues. Everyone is very passionate about their work and determined to help the children learn.


I was born and raised in Hong Kong and attended an international school from kindergarten all the way up to high school, and after that, I went to study in Canada! When I’m not working, I love to travel to various places in Asia with my family and friends. So far, I've been to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and I'm planning to go to Taiwan and Okinawa with my friends! I try to spend as much time as I can with my friends and family because I don’t get to see them often when I am in Canada.


My ultimate favorite thing to do is hanging out with my friends and going karaoke. I love singing, which is why TE is such a great fit for me! When I’m feeling lazy, I enjoy staying at home to watch TV shows and play with my dog. I also enjoy going to cafes to read or work, and I like to go to the gym as well! Other times, I like to visit my friends and family members that have young children to help out and babysit.


Always remember boys and girls, Never give up! Learning a second language may be difficult, but with practice, patience, and endurance, all your hard work will pay off. All the aunties and uncles are here to help you so don't be afraid to make mistakes. I hope all of you love talking to us as much as we love talking to you!













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