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Hi Everyone!! It’s nice to meet you all! My name is Hannah and I am from Hong Kong but was born and raised in Malaysia.

I recently returned to Hong Kong to spend my gap year here before entering my first year in university. I heard about World Family from my sister who recommended that I try Telephone English. I have always loved teaching children and singing so I really enjoy Telephone English and meeting many amazing boys and girls. Working at World Family has given me valuable experiences and an opportunity to have fun with all of you!

I love hearing all the giddy and excited voices of the boys and girls in Telephone English and it always makes it so enjoyable. The whole Telephone English team is also so fun and extremely helpful so I’m very grateful. One of my favorite calls was with a very enthusiastic boy and when it was time to end the call, I asked him “should we say bye bye?” he paused for a second and responded with “maybe…or not hehe”. It was so rewarding to know that children have so much fun during our calls!

I love how World Family Club creates such interesting and fun activities and events and the approach they take towards teaching children English. Not only is it much more creative and fun, but also very motivating for all the boys and girls. If you’re looking for a safe and learning environment, World Family Club is the one for you! I look forward to meeting and speaking to more of you soon!



我喜歡聽到小朋友在「電話美語」中所有愉快和興奮的聲音,使我和他們都更加投入其中。我非常感恩整個「電話美語」團隊都充滿歡樂,各位美語哥哥姐姐也樂於助人。其中一個另我印象深刻的「電話美語」對話是與一個非常熱情的小男孩,當我們準備要結束通話時,我問他說:「Should we say bye bye?」他沈默了一秒鐘,然後笑著回答:「Maybe…or not hehe」。知道小朋友在對話中有這麼多的樂趣,甚至不捨得跟我說再見,真是令我覺得很高興!


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