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Hello Everyone! My name is Eve, and I am from the United States. I grew up in the North Eastern U.S. with seasonal climates near the beautiful ocean and picturesque forests. I have also lived-in big cities like New York before moving to Hong Kong.

A friend of mine suggested I audition for World Family Club because I was interested in the integration of performing with an intention to inform and interact, and this opportunity seemed a great union and for fulfilling both goals in a safe, English learning environment.During my first few weeks, one of the children, a little girl came in for Story Telling, and initially she seemed uninterested, fidgety, and bored. Within a few minutes of the session, I could see her eyes light up and she became engaged with the story and participating with interaction. This was particularly heart-warming as this was my first session with these children, and it was very meaningful to earn their attention and activity.

The following week, when this group of children returned, including that little girl, I welcomed her back and let her know how nice it was to see her again. When I asked the children, “Are you ready for your story?”, she was the first one to spring onto her feet and jump up and down saying “Yes! Yes!” waving her hand in the air. It was so adorable and reaffirmed the difference that can be made with the power of tradition between storyteller and the audience. While I am in a part of the world that is far away from my family, I am proud that I can help fulfil such a joyous role in the lives of other families. I see in the audience when not just the child, Mom and Dad, but also the Auntie, the Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Sister, are singing the songs and interacting together is unlike anything I have experienced in my years of performing and working with children.

World Family cares about their members’ well-being, and this unique program unites families in a happy, engaging, educational way that allows the child and family to shine together.



一位朋友建議我參加寰宇家庭俱樂部的試鏡,因為我不單對表演有興趣,還希望能夠透過表演進行交流和互動,而這份工作就剛好給我一個機會,可以在舒適的美語學習環境中實現這兩個目標。在我開始工作的初期遇到一位小女孩來參加Story Telling,一進來時她看起來沒什麼興趣,表現得有些煩躁不安,但在活動開始不久後,我看到她的眼睛亮起來,並開始投入在故事中和大家一起互動。這是我第一次與小朋友見面,特別使我感到窩心,能夠吸引他們的注意力和一起互動是非常有意義的。

剛好下一個星期再遇到這個小女孩,我向她說歡迎她回來,並告訴她再次見到她真是太好了。當我問他們:「Are you ready for your story?」她是第一個跳起來說:「Yes! Yes!」還用力揮動她的小手。這就是表演可愛之處,亦再次肯定了透過表演者與觀眾之間的互動可以帶來不同的感受。雖然現在我和家人身處在世界兩個不同的地方,但是在這裡我很自豪能夠為其他家庭帶來歡樂。跟我過往的演出不同的是,在活動中我看到的不僅是小朋友,還有他們的爸爸媽媽、叔叔姨姨、爺爺嫲嫲、兄弟姊妹,一家人都會跟著唱歌和一起互動。


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