Hello from Charlotte | World Family Crew

Hi Everyone! My name is Charlotte – I have been lucky enough to have grown up all over the world including places like Malaysia, Scotland and Hong Kong! If you asked me now though, I’d say I’m from Hong Kong and Malaysia – that’s where my parents are from.

I came back to Hong Kong for secondary school! I found WFC and telephone English through my friend who is also a TE crew. One time during one of my Telephone English sessions, one of the kids kept laughing throughout the entire call. He kept saying that Mickey was his mother and when I played along, he seemed to have a lot of fun. This brought me so much joy! I also love it when the parents are just excited about the songs as the kids are. It really warms my heart.

The most enjoyable part of doing TE is when the children sing along to the songs even if they don’t know every word. I also love it when I have good conversation with the children during Free Talk. Getting to know someone better is always a joy. Having the other TE crew around also makes work even more enjoyable. All the other aunties and uncles at TE are very fun and friendly!
I hope you all continue to enjoy World Family Club activities and TE! I hope all you kids will love and treasure these experiences! Bless you!




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