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Hello Everyone! My name is Argus, and I was born in the sunny city of Sydney Australia, the land of beaches, kangaroos and koalas. “G’day mate!” “No Worries!” “What a legend!’ Spend enough time in Australia and these are some of the common phrases you’ll hear!

A common question most people ask about Australians is whether we all know to surf. Although I am from Australia, I can’t surf as my parents preferred to send me to join a rugby team instead! I originally came to Hong Kong ten years ago – being Australian born Chinese, I’d been interested to understand more about the language and where my family was from.
I first joined World Family when I heard about an opportunity in Telephone English to sing and speak English to children. I was interested to find out what techniques were effective in helping children pick up a new language. In my time at TE, I’ve loved helping children find more vocabulary beyond ‘I’m fine, good, bad” that has helped them learn how to share their feelings.

I have especially enjoyed the Point and Play sessions as they are very interactive but also provide quality time for a parent and the child to bond together over hands-on activities. The Christmas & Halloween point and plays were some of my most memorable – especially when we gave each parent and child a Christmas tree board to decorate. It was great to see how each child had opportunities to share and be encouraged by their parents in English.

I get really encouraged when I see parents connecting with their son or daughter in such a fun and safe environment. As someone learning a second language now, I feel that the positive environment associated with a new language would help with the child’s enjoyment and future motivation to help with English fluency. My Chinese professor once told being a self-regulated learner isn’t about being more disciplined or grinding harder – it’s for the love for learning.

I hope that all the boys’ and girls’ part of the World Family Club can find this same love for learning English in their everyday life!


大家好,我叫Argus!我出生在澳洲的陽光城市 – 悉尼,一個哪裡都是海灘、袋鼠和樹熊的地方。「G’day mate!」、「 No Worries!」和「What a legend!」- 只要在澳洲居住一段時間,這些都會是你經常聽到的一些用語!


當聽說到「電話美語 (TE)」這份工作的機會,可以和小朋友唱歌和練習英語時,我便決定要加入寰宇家庭了。我很想找到哪些方法可以有效地幫助小朋友學習新的語言。在TE對話時,除了一般基本的詞彙如「I’m fine / good / bad」,我非常喜歡幫助孩子找到更多不同的詞彙,這有助他們學習如何分享自己的感受。

我特別喜歡Point and Play活動,因為活動內容互動性很強,還提供了寶貴的親子時光,透過實踐活動令父母和小朋友的關係更親密。Point and Play 的萬聖節和聖誕節主題的活動是我最難忘的時刻之一,特別是當我們給每個家庭一塊聖誕樹板進行裝飾的時侯。我很高興看到每個小朋友都有機會用英語分享和得到父母的鼓勵。



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