Hello from Annmarie! | World Family Crew

Hello everyone! My name is Annmarie! Hong Kong is my hometown and I love the energy of this city. As a big fan of music and the performing arts, I believe learning should be fun and engaging. World Family Club strongly encourages this with all the different fun, interactive activities and family fun shows it offers, and I am very excited to be joining the team. I believe ‘Telephone English’ is a very unique opportunity for us to engage with you! I particularly enjoy the free talk sessions as it allows boys and girls to practice expressing themselves. I love hearing all the different stories and things they have to say about specific topics. One of my favorite free-talk chats was hearing about a family holiday and I could feel how much this trip meant to everyone. The enthusiasm was so contagious, and it made me realize how much of an impact just having a conversation on the phone can do!

It’s a lot of fun when the members sing along with us, and it’s also great to hear their parents getting involved as well! The ‘Telephone English’ crew are a really fun group to work with, and I definitely thrive off everyone’s energy when we are working and singing together!




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