Froggy and Bunny Show – Red Christmas Sock

What a wonderful time we had at the Froggy & Bunny show, Froggy’s red Christmas sock! We hope you had lots of fun helping to find Froggy’s lost red Christmas sock! We looked everywhere for it and in the end, the Wiggly Worm helped us find it! We also built a very tall tower with our Play Along cups and it looked like a Christmas tree, with a star on it! So magical! Finally, we got the chance to help sort the coloured cups to give to Froggy’s friends for Christmas and put it in Froggy’s big red Christmas sock. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you all again next Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


寰宇家庭俱樂部早前舉辦《Froggy and Bunny Show – Red Christmas Sock》活動,此活動適合6個月或以上的小會員出席。

內容講述Froggy正在尋找遺失的紅色聖誕襪(Christmas Socks)但最後幫忙尋找出來的是一條蠕動的蟲蟲。美語哥哥姐姐使用PlayAlong!的杯子疊起變成為一顆聖誕樹並且唱出多首「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲,分別是 “Open your hands and Close them” , “I’m Walking”, “The Cup Song” , “Where did it go” 及兩首聖誕歌曲 “Jingle Bells” 和 “We wish you a Merry Christmas”。活動去到尾聲時,小會員把不同顏色的杯子分類放進Froggy’s Red Christmas Socks 裡面然後送給他的朋友。