Family Fun | World Family shows

We hope all the boys and girls enjoyed all the different Family Fun shows on offer at World Family Club. Children got to see fun and interactive shows like ‘the mixed-up circus’ where they met circus animals on the circus train, saw a juggler, danced with the happy hippo and played with the circus band!

Children who joined ‘On my farm’ got to meet different farm animals, had a picnic and fed chickens too. The ‘How old are you?’ show was an opportunity for children to practice counting and celebrating a birthday with a birthday cake!

‘Go! Go Team’ was an exciting and engaging show about sports and using our body to move, sing, dance and play. The ’Summer time fun’ show was all about the fun things you do in the summer like going for a swim, playing games and making yummy lemonade!We hope you enjoyed the shows and got the chance to meet and play with our WFC crew.

We hope you are all enjoying the shows and we are excited to see you all again soon!


我們希望所有小朋友都喜歡看寰宇家庭俱樂部Family Fun的表演,因為美語哥哥姐姐都喜歡和小朋友一起互動。例如在「Mixed Up Circus」活動中,小朋友在馬戲團火車上遇到了不同的馬戲團動物、雜技團演員、而且更可以與快樂的河馬共舞及與馬戲團樂隊一起演奏!

另外,如參加了「On My Farm」活動的小朋友可以認識到不同的農場動物、一起野餐,還有餵小雞吃東西。 而在「How old are you?」活動中讓小朋友練習數數目字和慶祝生日及食蛋糕!「Go! Go! Team!」是一個令小朋友十分興奮和投入的活動,在活動中他們一邊聽著「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲,一邊擺動身體,並且與美語哥哥姐姐唱歌、跳舞和玩耍。

「Summer time Fun」是一個活動關於我們在夏天會做的有趣事情,例如游泳、玩遊戲和製作美味的檸檬汁特飲!希望您們喜歡這些表演,並享受與美語哥哥姐姐見面和一起玩耍,我們亦期待很快再次與大家見面!