Family Fun – When you’re a Detective

We hope everyone is continuing to enjoy the different Family Fun shows on offer at World Family Club.
Family Fun shows like ‘When you’re a Detective’ where boys and girls meet our crew, the detective! The detective will show you everything you need to know about finding clues and solving mysteries, like who tied a knot in the rope! Children enjoyed fun activities like looking for clues around the room with magnifying glasses, looking inside buckets and under chairs, and of course lots of singing and dancing too!

We hope you enjoyed the shows and got the chance to meet and play with our World Family Club (WFC) crew. We hope you are all enjoying the shows and we are excited to see you all again soon!

《Family Fun – When you’re a Detective》的小朋友見到變成了偵探的美語姐姐,向他們展示了如何尋找線索和解開謎題,例如到底是誰在繩索上打結!小朋友都喜歡有趣的活動,例如用放大鏡尋找在房間周圍的線索、在桶子中和椅子下尋找東西。當然美語姐姐還少不了與小朋友一起唱出多首「迪士尼美語世界」歌曲,分別唱了“Open Your Hands and Close Them”、“Around the Chair”、“Look! Where? Over There!”、“Who Did It?”及“Eyes and Ears!”,每一首歌曲都令到小朋友手無觸動。

Family Fun適合任何年齡的小朋友參加並且會因應不同的主題,在活動內涵蓋與教材相關的詞彙和歌曲,從而增強孩子們的信心,為參與寰宇家庭俱樂部的各種大型活動作好準備。希望大家都能繼續享受寰宇家庭俱樂部帶來的各個Family Fun活動,期待很快再次與大家見面!