English Carnival 2018 – The Friendly Tree 《 美語嘉年華2018 – The Friendly Tree 》

Meet Ammi, Grandma and all her friends this year as they uncover the mystery of the Friendly Tree! Ammi's friends – Careful Kate, Jumping Joms, Jolly Jess and Intelligent Allan are so cold and need warm clothes – what will they do?! And don't forget Ammi's best friends Zippy and PomPom who help all of Ammi's friends along the way. 

Will Ammi's friends know it was Grandma that made their warm clothes? How will Grandma stay warm? Find out all the answers and much more in this years fantastic EC adventure – The Friendly Tree. 

We hope you enjoyed the show! Remember boys and girls, it is always better to give than to receive because the gift of giving always comes back to you! 


美語姐姐Ammi、祖母和她所有的朋友一起來到香港演藝學院揭開了 《The Friendly Tree》 的神秘面紗!Ammi姐姐的朋友 – Careful Kate、Jumping Joms、Jolly Jess和Intelligent Allan都覺得很寒冷,需要保暖衣服,但他們能夠做些什麼呢?但不要忘記Ammi姐姐最好的朋友Zippy和PomPom會一直在路上幫助他們。Ammi姐姐的朋友會否知道這都是祖母為他們預備禦寒衣物?另外祖母將如何在寒冷的天氣保暖呢?答案可以在《美語嘉年華–The Friendly Tree》內找到!