Baby Toddler – Under the Sea 《 嬰/幼兒活動-海底漫遊 》

The Baby/Toddler – Under the sea 3 day activity focuses on combining the DWE products songs, exercises and vocabulary with sessions based on different under the sea animals and related games. This Baby/Toddler activity helped develop motor and social skills with a main focus on under water animals like putting together an octopus by sizes, matching shapes with turtles, playing with different PA toys and materials and much more over 3 educational days. Children had a fun, interactive and engaging activity. Baby/Toddler activities are a great way for little ones to kick start their learning, no matter how young!

這個為期3天的活動將迪士尼美語世界產品的歌曲練習和詞彙與不同海洋動物和相關遊戲起來。活動有助於培養孩子運動和社交技能,例如將八爪大小、配對海龜形狀玩不同的Play Along玩具和材等。孩子們一起度過了一個有趣互動和非常愉快的嬰/幼兒活動。這絕對小寶貝開始學習的好方法!