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 I have arranged to have my children go through Book One to Book Four step by step. Julius then spent three weeks, twice every day, to read Book Five repeatedly and watched the accompanying DVD; that was when he was two and a half. He loved to see Mickey and his friends go swimming. Whenever he came to that page, he would always say ”splash”, flapping his arms and kicking his feet. He also liked to see Minnie and her friends go hiking. And when he saw Lazy Gus, he would always turn his head and say: “No, no, no, keep on climbing.” And He loves the song of “yummy food”. He is still always singing that song and has changed the lyric to “apple juice is good…”, because he really loves to drink apple juice. He is so funny.

Disney's World of English | Book 3 | Happy Birthday to YouWhen Henry was little, he spent much time on Book Three. Whenever I had finished reading the book, he would say “again, again …” The song in the book that he most liked to sing was “Happy Birthday to You”. And when Henry saw that Goofy cut his fingers instead of butter and broke eggs on the floor, he giggled and said “silly”. He enjoyed the stories. I also enjoyed the time spent with him and Julius using the materials; we have all had a lot of fun.
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