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Katherine Li | Disney's World of English | World Family | Kids English | Free Trial English | 迪士尼美語世界 | 寰宇家庭The themes of the teaching materials are often related to our daily life. The children like themes such as animals, transportation, and Pluto’s birthday. They always use the magic pen to play with the interactive books; I also really like the magic pen, because the children are attracted by it to spend much time on books and learn a lot of words, so I don’t need to stay with them! And they speak a lot because of the learning activities.

One day, we went to the circus. Henry was three and a half at that time. He said “ticket, ticket” at the ticket booth . He went inside the circus tent. He was so happy and waited patiently for the show to begin. He pointed to the performers and said “acrobat”, “knife thrower”, and “clown” correctly. He was so excited because the clown was very naughty and shot some water and spread some strips of paper onto his head. He made him very, very happy. At that moment, I knew he had learned from the teaching materials. He had since been reading a lot, and is always very interested in what he read. Julius has never been to the circus, but he can say “candy”, “balloon”, and “popcorn” when he sees them. The two children spend time on different topics covered by the teaching materials. These remind me that I should bring them to explore different real-life situations too.

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